Monday, September 29, 2008

Dirty Japanese Panties!

Had to share this video, because I almost peed myself laughing.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Preparing for Japan trip

The countdown is on, I leave to Japan October 22nd, I am so jumping out of my skin. In my preparations for this trip I've neglected the blog so I apologize to those looking for info and didn't get what they needed. I started in May to formulate my plans and doing my research and first thing was buying the tickets. Going with Japan Airlines again, unfortunately flying coach, was hoping for the new premium coach but the plane we are on doesn't offer it. The have a few new planes with this feature, 24" seats lots of leg room and a leg support for sleeping and relaxing. Kinda bummed. But I decided to go with JAL goes I wanted to rack up the points and their service is amazing even in coach. My planned itinerary is Tokyo for 6 nights at Oakwood Apartments, then Hakone for one night, staying at Kinnotake, but we will leave Tokyo early to take advantage of the whole day in Hakone and leave late afternoon the next day to Kyoto. Kyoto we'll have 4 nights and we will be staying in a our own Machiya called Maeniiya, and we plan to make a day trip to Osaka, since it's a 30 min train ride from Kyoto. Then we are back in Tokyo for 2 nights giving us time for last minute shopping. The great thing about staying at Oakwood is that they will provide a similar service as many of the main train stations do with luggage. They will hold our luggage until our return for about $20 a piece, which is great, that way you don't have to lug a giant suitcase around Japan with you. Plus, Oakwood has a washer/dryer and so does the Machiya, so we don't have to pack a lot of clothing because we can wash what we wear, making more room in the suitcases for stuff we buy and travel light!

We are staying at Kinnotake in Hakone which is a Ryokan with your on onsen in your room, it's pretty amazing! The Machiya is pretty exiting too, there aren't many left in Japan, but Kyoto had quite a few that have been restored and are rented out to tourist. Many Machiya have been converted into restaurants, hair salons, and bars.
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